Over the years, we have been involved in finding ways to bring about labels, or to widen the genre, reeled products, with special or innovative features, and often, this has necessitated thinking out of the box.

We’ve been involved in finding solutions for diverse requirements, such as custom spot-adhesive printing and creating precise, weather proof LED windows – despite using opaque label material!

Our first ‘label’ innovation was the production of ‘UV Covers for Programmable EPROM’s’ which necessitated modifying existing label printing/cutting equipment in-house. Nowadays we have our own milling machine to help with such feats.

We have our own in-house computer programming knowledge which enables us to create unique twists on themes. For instance, we developed our own software for barcoded and 2D coded labels that checks the labels as they are printed. It not only verifies that a code is readable, but also converts the value back into base 10 (from base 36 for example) to help verify that the sequence is correct.

It is of course necessary to have equipment that can support pushing the envelope of labels, etc., and so we specified certain production machinery to have very high material-transport resolution to help with such tasks.

As an aside, we also combine our understanding of programming with our own electronic circuits to provide enhancing functions to some of our machinery

If you have a special interest, please feel free to get in touch to talk it over; We might be able to help.